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Alfred ED1

Alfred ED1 emerges as a response to the housing crisis gripping Los Angeles, catalyzed by the City’s Executive Directive 1 (ED 1), which expedites the approval process for affordable housing projects. As part of KTA’s commitment to addressing the pressing need for housing among low-income households, Alfred ED1 represents a thoughtful approach to urban development. The 7-story building features a distinctive exterior design, characterized by glazed openings and concrete fiber panels arranged in a striking checkerboard pattern. At street level, the emphasis on pedestrian experience is evident, with full-height glazing creating an inviting atmosphere for residents and passersby alike. Through its innovative design and focus on affordability, Alfred ED1 seeks to provide not just shelter, but a sense of belonging and community for those in need, contributing positively to the fabric of Los Angeles.

  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
Site Plan
Mojave desert in the sun
Mojave desert in the dark