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Art House

Art House emerges as a transformative endeavor, reclaiming the former grounds of the Santa Fe University of Art and Design with a vision to instill vibrancy into Santa Fe’s essence. This ambitious project seeks to reinvigorate the locale into a nucleus for Santa Feans, a testament to the city’s profound historical tapestry and cultural richness. Corten steel, with its patina, merges seamlessly with the ochre hues of the terrain, anchoring Art House firmly within its natural context while embodying a forward-looking vision for Santa Fe’s cultural renaissance.

  • Location : Santa Fe, NM
Site Plan

Drawing inspiration from the rugged New Mexico landscape, Art House embodies a harmonious fusion of modernist principles with indigenous elements, resonating with the intrinsic spirit of its surroundings. Through a deliberate selection of elemental materials—such as adobe, wood, steel, and glass—the architecture eloquently articulates the ethos of modernism, seamlessly integrated with the vernacular charm of the region.

Nestled amidst the high desert, Art House emerges as a beacon of contemporary design, its bold, abstract forms paying homage to the stark grandeur of its milieu. The architectural narrative unfolds with sweeping portals that gracefully traverse the facades, extending warm invitations for residents to engage and unwind while seeking refuge from the unrelenting desert sun.

Mojave desert in the sun
Mojave desert in the dark