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Lorraine ED1

Lorraine stands as a beacon of responsible urban development, strategically positioned on a compact 65×120 foot urban infill lot spanning 7,800 square feet. Within its walls, a diverse range of affordable apartments welcomes individuals and families earning between 80%  and 120% of the area median incomes, fostering a sense of community inclusivity and economic diversity. Its prime location, in close proximity to both the Metro station and local workplaces, encourages residents to embrace sustainable modes of transportation, minimizing their reliance on automobiles and reducing carbon emissions

  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
Site Plan

Drawing inspiration from the Craftsmanship era prevalent in the nearby Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ), Lorraine’s architectural design pays homage to the rich heritage of its surroundings.

Meticulously articulated arches and a palette of varied colors adorn the building’s facade, serving as a subtle yet profound tribute to the area’s historical character. This thoughtful integrations not only preserves the neighborhood’s unique identity but also creates a visually captivating environment that enriches the daily lives of its residents.

Through its commitment to inclusivity, sustainability, and cultural preservation, Lorraine emerges as more than just a housing development– it becomes a symbol of responsible urban planning and community stewardship, embodying the principles of harmony, diversity, and progress

Mojave desert in the sun
Mojave desert in the dark